Demi & Maddy Entranced

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Features: GG kissing, Derpy Ahegao Faces, Rapid Switching Sub/Domme Mindsets, Zombie Walking, Living Statues.

AWESOME mind control session with dream subbies Maddy Moxley and Dirty Demi.

Both ladies have fallen under my spell before and found themselves thoroughly enchanted, so it made perfect sense to pair the two together at the first opportunity!

It was really fun seeing the different ways they'd react to suggestions, when finding themselves under the control of the other, Maddy became very docile and agreeable, but the instant the tables were turned she absolutely dialled up the Uber-Domme energy. Demi in comparison went from being very domineering, confident and self-assured, to being a cute little bimbo eager to follow orders, giggle like a simpleton and bounce her tits... there was quite a lot of that! 

Brill session. DIRECTOR'S CHOICE!

00:00:14 - Pre interview
00:06:48 - Induction
00:21:56 - Rest trigger
00:26:42 - Mindless brainless dolls
00:30:21 - Uncontrollable sexy speech
00:34:19 - No filter
00:37:29 - Bound
00:43:49 - Maddy must obey
00:51:42 - Ditzy Dee dee
00:55:09 - Mindless mantras
00:56:24 - Mutual attraction
01:05:34 - Mantras and doll poses
01:08:01 - Strip clothes switch
01:13:04 - Music makeout switch

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Demi & Maddy Entranced

0 ratings
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