Coral Entranced (DC)

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Statue Play, Looping, Instant melts into mindlessness, Statuefication, Enforced Flashitude and More!

Coral's a buddy in real life. We're on those weirdly flirty terms where we'll periodically call one another flirty nicknames and pinch n spank one anothers butts as we pass by, (often in front of our respective partners), and everyone's kinda fine with it because we all know that romantically there's nothing that's actually going to happen there. Sometimes butt spanking really is purely innocent!

Because of those aforementioned flirtations, and because all my friends know what kind of work I do, it didn't feel too out of place to say to her one time that she'd be welcome to hop onto the "Sex Couch" as our friends call it, and have her own Erotic Hypnosis session.

Outside of geekery, she's not a marine biologist... but she's done enough sciencey work around sea-life for the name "Coral" to feel apt, so isn't typically into modelling at all.

As we have a playfully antagonistic relationship towards one another normally, I was actually really nicely surprised by what a good subject she was. Eyelid flickers as she enters trance. Instant blank-face when her mind's turned off. Rag-doll collapses upon telling her to sleep, lovely confused expressions of bafflement when she wakes up and things have changed... The works!

Pretty darn rewarding session with lots of fun bratty back and forth that frequently turns into potent displays of mental domination! ????

Director's Choice (because who doesn't want to see their cute lady friends obeying their every command?) but no nudity. (because apparently who wants to be seen nekkid by their real life man-friends?)

00:00:14 Pre interview
00:08:04 Induction
00:16:40 Sleep trigger
00:17:59 Brainwashed doll
00:21:59 Freeze
00:25:35 Loop
00:30:22 I exist to obey
00:34:49 Showing off
00:36:42 Disgusting dress
00:42:11 When are we starting?
00:49:05 Doll poses
00:51:28 That butt is mine
00:53:22 Mute
00:55:50 Meow
00:59:49 Giggle switch
01:02:36 Bound and ticklish
01:03:24 Replay
01:05:28 Reset
01:10:51 Awake and post interview

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Coral Entranced (DC)

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