Addy Entranced (DC)

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A cute curvy lady who had a passing familiarity with mind control, as she's friends with (or at least moves in close social circles) with Imaginatrix and friends through Fetlife and BDSM circles. 

Being familiar with the kink helped a lot because the moment I unveiled a shiny object during the photo / prep section of the shoot, her eyes lit up, and were very visibly drawn to it. A couple of minutes of that was all it took to glue her eyes in place and have her nicely controlled, but I still brought out a candle to see if she could drop deeper. She could.

Really good reactions whilst frozen or slumped in this one. Wide empty eyes, dilated pupils, eyerolls and blinks of surprise when she comes back to her senses to discover herself posed or dressed differently. 

A fantastic shoot, with a wonderfully responsive lady! DIRECTOR'S CHOICE

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00:00:14 Maybe we only need a pendant...
00:06:40 "We haven't started yet"
00:08:22 Pre-trance chat
00:11:00 Memories restored
00:13:51 Candle induction
00:22:02 Bratty and skeptical
00:26:11 Mindless posing
00:33:43 Switch
00:39:01 Good girl triggers
00:39:46 Good piggy
00:44:37 Good puppy
00:45:57 Sex doll button
00:50:01 Dominatrix button
00:53:32 Swinging shiny
00:55:37 Needs to be caressed
00:58:21 Mid session interview
00:59:53 Five finger Countdown
01:03:18 Fainting Spell Trigger
01:05:42 Oral Obsession
01:09:04 What are 'breasts'?
01:11:41 Guy in a Girl's Body
01:14:48 Mesmerizing tits
01:17:51 Bimbo gum
01:22:29 Giggles? What giggles?
01:24:44 "Do me a favour...?"
01:27:15 Post interview

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Addy Entranced (DC)

1 rating
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