Angel Dark Entranced

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Contains: Memory play, personality play, freeze play, posed, resistance play, tickling, mental bondage, dollification, dancing, stripping, trance-puppeteering, mistress, foot massaging and possessed socks.

Join Lex and the absolutely stunningly responsive Angel Dark as she becomes deeply entranced, discovering all manner of sexy predicaments.

Angel has actually been mind controlled on two occasions by Derren Brown (One of Britain's foremost mentalists) at his live show. The fact she was picked out of an audience of thousands to be his volunteer for the night should clue you in to the fact that when it comes to receptivity to trance, her reactions are second to none. Show this girl a pendant and speak in a seductive voice and she is gone in mere moments.

Melting, eye rolling and drifting down deep... before dancing to Lex's devious tune on her waking. Her being a burlesque dancer is only a bonus!

Further highlights:

  • Tickled mindless
  • No clue what breasts are
  • A mesmerized puppet, following Lex’s each and every movement
  • A provocative and teasey dancer, stripping her clothes off while she dances

Explore the many facets of this quiet beauty as she reveals just how wonderfully susceptible she is!

Become captivated as Angel Dark takes a moment to explore her dominant side with Lex as a very good boy! 😁 [Oi! less of the cheek, you brat. - Lex]

Take a moment to gaze upon and worship the delightful sight that is Angel's feet as she dances, twirls them and caresses them sensually!

Find yourself captivated as you watch Angel Dark go from quiet and unassuming to outbursting with “Spank Me Daddy” and other demands!

Feel happy and giggly with Angel Dark as she bounces her beautiful breasts, find yourself as fixated as Angel Dark was when Lex showed her the pendant!

Truly, this is a must see for the feet and stocking lovers out there!

A fun, steamy, very sexy session full of tricks! Angel thoroughly enjoyed herself and may have developed something of a new kink or three as a result!

(Topless to nipple pasties)

00:20 Pre-Interview
05:51 Induction
11:42 Who's Derren Brown?
13:52 Mind Control is BS!
15:01 Tell me honestly...
16:30 She loves that hat!
19:00 My name is DERP!
24:01 LoveDoll Pose
30:15 Enjoys being tickled rather a lot...
33:08 REPLAY!
34:18 Trying to talk, tickles her
35:36 Spellbound Striptease
43:31 What are "Tits"?
47:01 Sleepwalking / Doll Posing
49:16 I refuse to wear clothes!
51:10 Outfit Change: Domme Goddess
52:11 Display of Dominance
1:00:23 Mistress has a Foot Fetish
1:01:42 Cursed Socks
1:05:19 Awake & Post Interview

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Angel Dark Entranced

0 ratings
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