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Demi's Dollification & Gender Bend (DC)

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In a word: Wow. In a longer series of words: Wowie, holy f^ck this was a good session!

And in a few paragraphs: This was an AMAZING shoot. Demi is the whole package.

She was a little uncertain starting out that mesmerism would be for her... when I picked her up at the station and we were chatting in the car, she did say "It's just acting though, right?" and I wondered if I might have needed to resort to doing a fantasy shoot again...

All worries were unfounded though. We hit it off fantastically well in the photo section, and she's comfortable and open enough to drop a few genuine kinks. (Loves the idea of being a bimbo, adores being called a "Good Girl"... also a little later on she may have indicated that she'd quite like to be a living fleshlight... rowr!) so dropping her was actually simplicity itself.

During the induction, as soon as I started focusing on the idea of being dumb or ditzy or outright stupid she got really squirmy and smiley about it, even mentioning later on that she was surprised how turned on she got. Not that she indulged those feelings too much this time round... but that's all the more reason to have her back in future.

Really really good reactions though, blanking, bimbofication, memory play... also probably the best guy-in-a-girls body bit that I've ever done. She's done "Possession" content before, so I think her mind already knew exactly where to go on that front, but she said it all felt really vivid, and honestly, from the gasps and wide eyes and subtle little moans of surprise coming out of her I can believe she genuinely thought she was a dude test-driving her body.

Wonderful lady. Fantastic Shoot. Director's Choice!

0:15: Pre interview
13:48: Induction
30:11: Bimbo Switching
34:21: Fangirl switch
36:59: Fainting Spell
41:04: Bimbo Kitten
44:09: Obsessed with her Boobies
48:37: Living Doll
50:54: Tits out switch
55:42: Five Finger Countdown
58:42: Silly Selfies
1:02:06: Mindless Mantras
1:03:32: Disgusted by her clothes
1:05:58: Everyone should get naked!
1:09:24: Music switch
1:13:08: Frozen in place
1:20:39: SexDoll Position Snap
1:23:00: Seductress Demi
1:26:49: "What are... 'Breasts'?"
1:30:08: Mind Sucking Lens
1:32:42: Orally Obsessed Lollipop Bimbo
1:40:16: FanBoy Borrows Demi's Body
1:48:03: Reset! Realize!
1:51:23: Post trance chat

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Demi's Dollification & Gender Bend (DC)

1 rating
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