Kacie & Natalia

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It's been a bit, but this session marks the glorious return of Kacie James!

Kacie and Natalia are friends IRL who collaborate with one another regularly and even holiday together on occasion, which made the mental amnesia section pretty funny, hearing Kacie tell Natalia that she knows all about her seafood obsession, only for Natalia to deny that she's ever met this girl and accuse her of being a stalker!

Pretty good responses throughout, the ladies take really well to the "Very Deeply Brainwashed" suggestion, and there's some genuine confusion at the fact they can hear the other girl saying the phrase, but can't seem to register that they're saying it themselves. The "What the hell are Breasts?" scene is also pretty funny, watching as the girls bemusedly start baring and poking one another's breasts whilst seemingly utterly baffled by what they are.

A fun session with two beautiful ladies. Enjoy!

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0:00:14 Pre interview
0:04:54 Induction
0:21:34 Bound poses
0:25:21 Kacie doll
0:28:37 Natalia doll
0:31:42 Five Finger Countdown
0:35:26 How do you feel? "Very deeply brainwashed"
0:42:32 Mind bound
0:50:28 Memories bound
0:52:54 Amnesia Switching
0:57:08 Fainting Spell
1:01:02 Switch - what are breasts?
1:06:33 Mindless doll mantras
1:12:51 Disgusted by their clothes
1:15:33 Exhibitionist switch
1:19:57 Master's brainless dolls
1:22:47 Mirror poses
1:23:52 Sensation Replay
1:25:59 Empty mind mantra
1:26:51 Switch - friends to lovers
1:31:19 Post interview
1:32:30 [Fantasy Scene] Frozen Flyaround

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Kacie & Natalia

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