Honour Entranced 20 (DC)

3 ratings

Contains: Bimbofication, "Ruined" Mistress play, Cross Chair Catalepsy, 3 Commissions (1: Booty Shaking, 2: Naked Clothes Rack & Fixed Face Flopping, 3: Haigure to collapse.)

Stunningly elegant (and wonderfully hilarious) Honour May returns for more MIND CONTROL!

Honour's a huge fan of my particular form of hypnotic domination at this point and never fails to drop, and whilst I can have her under my spell through conversation within a mere minute, sometimes you want to savour things, so I produced a candle so I could enjoy watching her melting bonelessly into the sofa and then stiffening on my command as she slipped into a deep doll like trance.

I tested her responsiveness to sleeping on command, and it worked like a charm. Moments later, she was waking with no memory of the trance, or any trance, in fact. She believed herself a total trance virgin... with a little tweak anyway, she was now hugely gullible. Willing to do anything to try this stuff out... even if it meant waving her feet over her head... or punctuating each word with a butt spank, or walking around the room like a zombie.

In either case, one little snap had her dropping instantly to the sofa, or on some occasions, the floor... fortunately she's practiced enough at falling (trances / off horses) to never quite bang her head... even though it does look a little high impact on a couple of occasions.

What follows is a fantastically fun session, which my editor described as:

"She was tremendous! Amazing suggestibility, gorgeous in every way and endlessly imaginative. It was a treat to work on. Her Perve voice is absolutely hysterical."

The "perve" voice in question being Honour's impression (which she finds herself mysteriously "stuck" in) of how OldBoy Photographers can sound.

Loads more fun moments.

  • Mistress Honour Dominates the viewer...
  • Before discovering to her disgust that her hand won't stop booping her own nose...
  • So she gives it a DAMN GOOD TALKING TO!
  • Stiff Catalepsy across Seats
  • Lots of Lift & Carry
  • Great eyerolls, drops and flops
  • Super Steamy Butt Bouncing Scenes
  • A "Fixed Face" Commission where her expression doesn't change but everything else is floppy!


00:14 Pre interview
04:21 Induction
11:54 Please mind control me! (Super Gullible)
17:28 Self Sleepy Countdown
21:37 Mindless slave missing memories
25:59 Slave Salute
28:20 Slave pose switch
32:58 Honour the Pervy Photographer
35:36 Tickled out of her Clothing
37:30 Poseable doll
43:21 Commission: Booty Shaking
51:14 One track mind: Ass!
52:21 Slut switch
55:03 "Mind control is fake!"
57:27 Bimbo's own brand of intelligence
59:44 Booping Bimbo
1:00:16 Mistress of yourBOOP!
1:02:49 Chastizing herBOOP!
1:08:05 Catalepsy
1:10:25 Brainless and empty
1:13:53 Ticklish clothes: The Return!
1:15:19 Derp doll poses
1:20:04 Submissive Obedient Slavegirl
1:20:44 Slave girl poses
1:24:55 Mindless mantras
1:25:41 Freeze... dance
1:28:23 D.Va Haigure
1:32:38 Post interview

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Honour Entranced 20 (DC)

3 ratings
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