Louisa 6 (DC)

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Contains: Dronification, Mindless Mantras, Lift & Carry, Cosplay, Foot Fetishism, Extended Haigure Commission Scene, Mesmerism, Female Training, Amnesia.

Petite Asian cutie Louisa Lu returns for her sixth spellbinding training session. I recalled that she made for a very fetching fembot, as she loves the idea of being perfectly blank and brainless, so began this session by focusing strongly on those sensations.

It worked like a charm, and she was out like a light in no time at all. (Eye checks ensued, and her pupils were rolling downwards, mind oblivious to her blank and programmable state) Within a couple more minutes, I'd installed a mental On/Off switch that allowed me to wake and return her to normal... but alternate her between aware and robotized mindsets.

I really do enjoy watching a nice lady like Louisa go from smiling to perfectly blank, before baring her body and sitting brainlessly, staring into space uncaring at her tits being exposed... before her mind's returned, and she realises with a smile and a start that she's flashing, but doesn't know how or why.

Really cute reactions, as always. 

Then there's the added benefit that Louisa's so petite, that lifting and carrying her around the room is no effort at all. There are several such moments in this session, Louisa the mindless mannequin whilst I decide that she'd look better over by the mirror... or facing the other way... or lying back on the sofa, all whilst locked in a frozen pose.

Lots of frozen moments, nude inspections, foot play, and mindless obedience!


00:20 Pre interview
03:35 Induction
11:07 On/off switch
13:52 Drone poses
23:47 I am a blank and brainwashed drone
27:59 Snap poses
30:31 Ventriloquist dummy
33:59 I'm not taking any clothes off
43:45 How'd I get naked?
46:32 Control suit
48:00 Bound and ticklish
50:28 Invisible box
52:29 Feet play switch
58:41 Foot fetish switch
1:00:48 Gamer girl: flashing her mind away
1:04:36 Haigure
1:09:16 Mindless dancing
1:11:57 Ready to start... the post interview
1:15:07 BONUS: Pre-Shoot Frozen Flyaround (Staged)

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Louisa 6 (DC)

0 ratings
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