Mind Controlled Milf: Tiki Entranced

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Excellent session with Tiki!

Lately, if the rapport’s there during the photo section of my sessions, I’ve been trying my luck the instant the pendant comes out.

Some ladies give it a little eyeroll or treat it like it’s nothing more than a prop… others, I’ll notice can’t help but find their gaze fixing on it the second it swings into vision.

With the latter category I’ll then ask if they’re happy to be hypnotized there and then, and if they are, will heighten their focus on the pendant to the point where they can’t look away from it… then to the point where they can’t think of anything else… then to the point where they can’t think at all.

It’s always an absolute pleasure seeing someone going under so naturally and easily in these moments, and Tiki is a prime example. She effortlessly dropped for me, the moment I wanted her to, so the video opens with a couple of shots of her already mind controlled and frozen, before we’d “officially” started filming.

I then bring her (almost) to her senses to show her the pics of herself frozen and brainless to see what her reaction will be… and it makes her feel pretty spacey all over again. (Kinda fun when I have to work to wake people up, as opposed to the other way around.)

This session was only up to lingerie, but there are still some deliciously suggestive scenes! When asked how she’d love to feel within trance, she admitted that she’d love to be a slavegirl and a sexdoll. Also later on I give her an oral obsession which I combine with a “Loop” trigger to turn her into a mindlessly robotic thumb sucker.

Yep, thumbs, I’m certain there’s nothing else you could ask a lady to suck for you!

00:00:15 Ahegao shoot
00:00:37 Pendant gazing
00:01:39 Spacey memory
00:03:22 Pre interview
00:09:55 Induction
00:20:26 Five finger drop
00:26:50 Doll poses
00:29:14 Loop
00:31:44 Strip switch
00:34:50 Music switch
00:40:18 Bratty/Brainless switch
00:43:18 Oral fixation
00:48:53 Sex kitten switch
00:52:35 Giggles
00:55:50 Bound and tickled
00:57:34 Replay
00:59:12 Erotic touch
01:01:07 Brain on/off
01:04:06 Tiki the bloke
01:06:08 Fan body takeover
01:11:58 Awake and post interview

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Mind Controlled Milf: Tiki Entranced

0 ratings
I want this!