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Maddy Entranced 4 (DC)

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Maddy returns for shoot number 4 and it’s another corker!

Within 3 minutes of the start of the induction, she’s already blank faced and spacing out. As I’m counting her deeply down into trance, the instant my fingers snap and she hears the word “Sleep”, her head drops down.

I give her a blindfold suggestion to test her depth, and whilst her eyebrows are clearly waggling with the effort of trying to open them, all her eyelids do is flicker powerlessly, which brings a cute little frown of confusion to her face.

She’s nicely submissive, quick to call me “Sir” and whilst under, spills the fact that she wants to be a pet and a slave. Huzzah!

Excellent hypnotic moments abound, we have Madz showing off her amazing ability to independently flex each of her buttocks… getting really annoyed at her own hand as it decides that it's time for her to sleep, introducing her butt like it’s her best friend, becoming very confused as she wakes to discover herself nude and spanking herself, and a pretty steamy commissioned set of scenes where her face is fixed in a derpy Ahegao whilst her body is flopped around bonelessly like a ragdoll.

Freaky! But cool. Another Director’s Choice.

Also contains a number of extras and the SFW HypnoStream that we conducted on YouTube after the session.


00:15 Pre-interview
06:36 Induction
19:09 Doll Switch
24:23 Pet Programming
27:13 Cheekums the Hamster
33:13 Blank Trigger
34:30 Bound in Place
38:23 Night Night
42:19 Head Massage Mindlessness
45:54 Freeze Trigger
53:55 Pendant Fixation
56:07 Gaze Locked
1:00:18 Shyness Switch
1:02:35 Meet my Butt!
1:05:22 Twerking Doll
1:08:17 “Spank me Mister!”
1:10:08 Mindless Doll
1:15:11 Domme / Bimbo Switch
1:19:27 Pokemon: Maddiemox!
1:21:57 Post Interview
1:27:10 Bonus: Maddy’s Snake Eyes
1:27:30 Bonus: Robo Photoshoot
1:28:32 Bonus: Fembot
1:29:37 Bonus: The Outtake

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Maddy Entranced 4 (DC)

1 rating
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